House Rules

Class Specific Changes

Restoration/Lesser/Greater Healing Spells heals back 1 HP per level of the caster.

Hit Die – D8
Songs are free actions on their turn and they stack with any/all buffs regardless of “tagline”
Spell progression as Sorceror (still restricted to the Bard spell list)
+2 Spells known per level

Choose one Domain (nature oriented)

Exotic Weapon Proficiency for free at level 6

Monk weapons do Unarmed damage

Sneak Attacks now work on anything and cannot be stopped.
Hit Die – D8

+2 Spells Known per level
Cleric Base Attack
Hit Die – D6
Light/Medium Armor Proficiecy

Character Creation & Leveling

Retraining Feats and Skills
Sometimes players make a character progression choice they later regret. In order to promote further player enjoyment, players have two options where they can retrain their characters: at level up or spend a week in game retraining.
The cost to retrain half of your current skill ranks is 125*(character level)gp. A complete retrain is 200*(character level)gp. Feats cost 500*(character level)gp per feat.
Retraining replaces the old feat/skillset with the new arrangement. A player that is unhappy with the new arrangement may retrain again at the standard cost

Equipment for New Player Characters
Please submit requests for specific gear—for example, “a magic longsword” or “a +2 keen flaming guisarme”—before play begins.

At any point that you have a Charisma of 20 or higher, you must choose the primary type (specialization) of Charisma that you have.
Leader: You have the personality that inspires command and authority. A natural leader, people are yours to command.
Friend: You inspire trust and loyalty in those around you. While they may not wish to follow you into battle, or swear fealty to you, they will be by your side as a friend always. People like you.
Sexuality: You have either an aura about you that radiates sensuality, or have a physical appearance to stop people in their tracks. Either way, your personality and appearance inspire lust and passion.

Martial Weapon Proficiency
Grants familiarity with all martial weapons, rather than just one.

In Game

Non-Combat Healing Magic
When the caster is not being threatened or distracted, all variable, numeric effects of Conjuration (healing) spells are automatically maximized. This also applies when using scrolls, potions, etc.

Injury and Death
Characters are not considered deceased from damage until negative half of your Hit Points has been reached.

Strength or Charisma can be used to physically, or mentally, intimidate a subject.

Spell Components
Are not required, unless deemed expensive.

Allows you to sleep in your armor. You also only need 4 hours of sleep and gain a +10 bonus to wake up in your sleep. Along with otherr stuff.

Critical Hits
A natural roll of 20, backed up by a second natural roll of 20 requires a 3rd roll. If the 3rd roll would hit the target normally then the target is instantly killed.

Healing Spells
Healing any target at negative health (with magic) is like healing them as if they were at 0 health. Aka, if someone were at -126 health, and you cast a healing spell on them that healed for 7 hit points, they would then be at exactly 7 hit points.

Initiative will be rolled before each fight not before each round of a fight.

Complete Character Death
If the player’s character dies completely and the group is no where near a healer, the player can use the eidolon rules from the Ghostwalk book and linger as the spirit of their former selves until such time as they can be raised again. The player can choose to continue playing as a ghost, but the Ghostwalk book describes the penalty for this action, and it will be enforced.

House Rules

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